The Profile Range

Like to practise social distancing via your clothing (global pandemics notwithstanding)? Hit them from long range with a large, classic nose art design on the front, and a Juanita Franzi Aero Illustrations basic profile on the back complete with historical details (albeit in smaller font requiring closer inspection, but you'll already be walking away in style!).

Supporting historic aviation projects and organisations worldwide. An affordable range of clothing featuring artwork applied to individual aircraft flying with the Royal Australian Air Force, Royal New Zealand Air Force, Royal Air Force, Royal Canadian Air Force, South African Air Force, Fleet Air Arm and other British and Commonwealth aviation organisations.

Each item includes the nose art design featured on the aircraft printed on the front. A profile of the relevant aircraft is printed on the back along with historical detail (aircraft type, squadron, base, date).

Each design is exhaustively researched for accuracy. All research, design work and printing is performed in Australia. As proof the item is a genuine Wright Stuff design, our logo is printed on the back below the main design. Wear your passion for aviation history.

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